This "RIDER TO CONTRACT" shall be considered a part of the 

contract between the Purchaser and the Artist "The Tokens" 

(hereinafter called "Artist") to which it is attached. 

1) A "Guest List" will be permitted for each performance, and 

will allow up to but no more than two guests per 

contracted band member and two guests per on-duty 

employee of the Artist. 

Exception to this rule must be approved by Artist in 


2) Purchaser shall at all times exercise security over 

equipment and personnel on stage and at the mixing 

console area, preventing access to same by unauthorized 


3) Artist retains all control over placement and operation of 

sound system and lighting system. Sound lever shall be 

maintained to D.E.Q. standards. 

4) Artist shall be provided site access of engagement for the 

purpose of setting up sound no less than six (6) hours 

prior to the start of the performance. A complete sound 

check will be permitted. 

5) Parking: Space at loading area during load in and load 

out and within one blocks of venue during show; and space 

for Artist car within one blocks of venue from load in to 

load out. 

6) Stage area: The Artist required a minimum stage area of 

24 feet wide by 16 feet deep, with one 8 X 8 drum riser. 

Artist shall be notified at least fourteen (14) days 

prior to engagement if modification must be made. 

7) Purchaser agrees to notify Artist no less than forty-eight 

(48) hours in advance if the time previously arranged 

for load in or load out of Artist equipment is to be 


8) Lodging: Purchaser agrees to furnish at Purchaser's sole 

cost and expense, six (6), unless otherwise specified, 

rooms at a recognized first-class hotel nearest to the performance site for the term of the engagement scheduled hereunder. 

9) Artist shall be provided with an acceptable dressing area, 

complete with security and/or locking device on the door. 

10) Transportation: Purchaser agrees to supply required air 

transportation (Business or first class) and all necessary internal transportation at Purchaser's sole cost and expense from airport to hotel to venue and vice versa. Please be aware 

that this party is traveling with some musical equipment. 

11) All Engagements: Purchaser shall provide the following in 

the dressing area prior to the performance: 

A. Six hot meals 

B. Beverages (non-alcoholic) to include, but not 

Limited to fruit juices, sodas and bottled water. 

C. Bottle opener (if necessary). 

D. Hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cups. 

E. On Stage Prior To Show: 6 bottles of ice water. 

F. Minimum of six (6) towels. 

12) NO Recording of performance is allowed, unless written 

consent of Artist is secured fourteen (14) days prior to 


13) Artist retains the right to sell concessions (T-shirts, 

CDs, tapes, etc.) at the performance at no cost to the 


14) Interviews: All interview, promotional appearances and 

autograph sessions must be scheduled one week in 

advance, and must be cleared with Noah Margo. 

15) Sound Requirements: Purchaser shall furnish the complete 

main sound system, monitor system and technician, unless 

otherwise noted. Said system must be approved by and 

meet the specifications of the attached stage plot and 

group leader or representative. 

16) Lighting Requirements: Purchaser shall furnish the 

complete lighting system, including technician, suitable 

for professional appearance of the stage and show. 

17) Stage Equipment: The following musical stage equipment 

will be provided at the sole cost and expense of the 

Purchaser for all engagements, unless otherwise 


A. Drums: Five piece, with three (3) cymbal stands hi-hat stand 

and throne. Bongo drums and stand. 

B. Guitar Amp 

C. Keyboard controller (66 keys), Keyboard Stand and D.I. 

E. Bass Amp 

18) Support Act: Purchaser will provide any opening act at 

Purchaser's sole cost and expense (if applicable). 

Artist reserves the right to screen such act and song 


19) Payment: Purchaser agrees to pay balance owed to Artist by 

cash or cashier's check payable to THE TOKENS prior to 

the first show performance. 

20) Billing: It is understood and agreed that the Artist shall 

receive the following billing in all manner and forms of 

advertising in connection with this engagement: THE 

TOKENS – 100%. Mention of the Artist's hit, "The Lion 

Sleeps Tonight," must be made in all forms of 

advertising and/or promotion. 

21) Cancellation Clause: In the event this show is not 

presented for any reason, the Artist shall be paid the 

full contract price, provided the Artists are prepared 

to perform at the designated time and place as specified 

in the attached contract. The only exception shall be at 

the discretion of the Artist, or if cancellation of this 

appearance is made thirty (30) days prior to the 

contracted date; in which case the deposit or 50% of the 

total contract amount, whichever is greater, shall be 

retained by and/or paid to the Artist. 

22) Hold Harmless Agreement: If any patron, guest, Purchaser's 

agent, employee(s) or any other person admitted to the 

venue by Purchaser or Purchaser's agents or employee(s), 

sustains bodily injury, or if any damage to property on 

the premises is incurred, caused either directly or 

indirectly by Artist's equipment or sound/light company 

contracted to provide production for this THE TOKENS 

show, Purchaser agrees to hold harmless the Artist. 


Local performances are those that are in 2-3 hour driving distance from Los Angeles. 

Long Distance performances are those that require at least one night of stay in a hotel. 

If ARTISTS are performing locally ARITST can supply backline as indicated in #17. 

If ARTISTS are performing long distance by car ARTIST can supply backline as indicated in #17. 

If ARTISTS are performing long distance requiring a flight than backline indicated in #17 will be provided by PURCHASER.