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The Original SparePocket Specifications: The Original SparePocket was originally designed for baby bottles as there was a need for a pouch that could adjust to various shapes and sizes of feeding bottles. We soon discovered many other uses for it including: * Sports Bottles * Beverage Cans * Cordless Telephones * Single-Use/Digital Cameras * Camera Lenses * Eye Glasses/Sunglasses * Large Flashlights * Duct Tape * DIY Tools * Camcorders/Video Tape Cassettes * Gardening Tools * Pepper Mills * And so much more... UPC Code: 799638060011 Dimensions: Horizontal Retaining Flap: 11.75 ” x 4.125” Tongue Flap: 7.5” x 2.3125” Logo Flap: 4” x 2.3125” Thickness: 1/8” Color/s: Black (custom color can be ordered with minimum quantity) Logo: Heat Transfer Packaging Type: Backing card Package Dimensions: 5” x 81/2” Construction: Ballistic Nylon, Grosgrain Ribbon, Steel Spring Clip, Hook-and-Loop Fastener Adjustability: Up to 11.75” circumference and 6 1/2” depth.

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